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Amazing Decor Shop Love: Tour Elsie Green

Today I’m so happy to take you with me on a little vacation. We are going to shop together today at ELSIE GREEN, a...
2 min read

Best Hello Holly Podcast Episode 1: Scandinavian Design, Style + Life with Niki Brantmark

What is it about Scandinavian design that draws us in? How can we bring more of it into our home? What is Lagom and...
36 sec read

Best Handmade Spotlight: From Tree To Sea Ceramics

I’ve been writing on decor8 since January 2006, which means I am incredibly stubborn when it comes to sticking to things that I love...
1 min read

Awesome A Charming "Hygge" Apartment in Berlin

I don’t know about where you live, but Autumn is in full swing where I’m at. It’s totally sweater weather, and I love it....
3 min read

Amazing Meet Me In Stuttgart at Breuninger For Jonathan Adler's Product Launch!

Hello Stuttgart – Do you want to meet me tomorrow, August 31 as I give you a personal tour of the Breuninger pop up...
1 min read

Best Is the Anthurium Flower/Plant Trending?

Have you ever heard of flowers and plants trending? Whether you’ve noticed it or not, flowers and plants certainly do trend just like everything...
1 min read
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