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Amazing My Inspiring Visit to TISCA Rugs in Transylvania: Part 1

Have you visited Transylvania? If you recall from an earlier post, I was invited this summer to Romania (particularly Transylvania) and I couldn’t say...
4 min read

Great Episode #2 Gudy Herder on Interior Design Trends

Why do we follow trends? Are there more to trends than we imagine? What about the psychology behind them? What are some current trends...
42 sec read

Awesome Why We Love Formland: Holly Becker + Stefan Nilsson

Stefan and I (at a fair, of course). Today I am talking to my fair partner (not to be confused with an affair partner,...
10 min read

Awesome My Return To Blogging (and why I vanished)

Photo: Holly Becker Hello dear readers. I haven’t blogged in nearly two months. It’s hard to type that; it’s the first and only pause...
3 min read

Amazing Decor Shop Love: Tour Elsie Green

Today I’m so happy to take you with me on a little vacation. We are going to shop together today at ELSIE GREEN, a...
2 min read

Best Hello Holly Podcast Episode 1: Scandinavian Design, Style + Life with Niki Brantmark

What is it about Scandinavian design that draws us in? How can we bring more of it into our home? What is Lagom and...
36 sec read
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