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Awesome 5 Looks Inspired By Our Top Summer Destinations

This summer, we took a virtual Modsy road trip across the country and explored the design styles that underscore some of our favorite cities...
2 min read

Cool Stylist Picks: 11 Pieces That Do The Rattan Trend Right

There’s so much to love when it comes to the rattan trend that’s been making its way into homes all over. We’ve been seeing...
2 min read

Great 10 Design Tips to Make Your First Apartment Feel Like Home

Meet Alessandra Wood, the Director of Style at Modsy. With a PhD in Design History and an M.A. in the History of Decorative Arts...
3 min read

Cool Stylist Picks: 10 Clever Solutions For Extra, Hidden Storage

Finding smart ways to fit in some extra storage is a common dilemma among many of our Modsy customers. But jamming another bookcase or...
3 min read

Awesome 5 Neutral Wall Colors We Love (That Aren’t Boring Beige)

Neutral wall colors are a great way to add sophistication and style to a room while creating a serene, calming environment. Neutral paints also...
1 min read

Cool Layout Guide: A Small Home Office Designed for Productivity

In our “Layout Guides” series you’ll find layout solutions for rooms of all shapes and sizes. Often the trickiest part of designing a space,...
2 min read
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