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Cool 7 Creative Ways to Design an Impromptu Bar

The holidays have arrived, which means the season of festive drinking is upon us! This time of year is all about gathering friends and...
2 min read

Great You Heard It Here First! These 5 Decor Trends Will Be Huge in 2020

It’s almost a wrap on 2019! Not only are we saying goodbye to the year but we’re bidding adieu to an entire decade. And...
1 min read

Cool Raise the Bar on Entertaining with these Stylist Favorite Bar Cabinets

If you’re still rolling with a bar cart, it might be time to consider switching up to a stylish and functional bar cabinet! For...
2 min read

Awesome My Modsy Story: How I Designed the Grown-Up Apartment Of My Dreams

After moving cross-country, Omar was ready to trade in his big box store furniture for a grown-up apartment design. Homeowner: Omar M, Marketing &...
1 min read

Great Unveiling Our 2019 State of the Home Trend Report

It’s that time of year again, when we take a moment to reflect on the year behind and take a few wild guesses about...
2 min read

Cool Design History: Get to Know the Stories Behind 3 Iconic Chairs

When it comes to the world of furniture, no category has as many “iconic” designs as the chair. Don’t get us wrong, there are...
1 min read
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